New York: A Page From The Diary Of A Stubborn Girl by Estela


rocksSome people think it’s ugly here.  I used to agree.  I would go on and on about how I would never live here by choice and how I would move away as soon as I got the chance.  I did.  I had already moved out of my mom’s house when I decided to go from a small town in the dry lands of a state that was supposed to be the Evergreen state to Long Island, New York.  I enrolled myself in William Floyd High School and found a part time job at Fashion Explosion, a clothing store.  I had a small son, almost 2 years old, to support.

Flying into La Guardia was like something from a movie.  I was certain the plane was going to land right in the water. I couldn’t swim but I figured I would just float around on my back with Donavon, my little son, floating on…

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