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Here We Stand

I don’t know if the world will remember

Time could erase our names

If I come back, will you find me

Footprints long washed away

I’m ok if the world can’t remember

This love in my heart will remain

I’ll wait in the place

We made shadows

Knowing I’ll see you again


❤  para siempre y solo para ti, mi esposo querido. e

How Much Did I Drink?

Look guys, I don’t remember anything after we drank that blue stuff with the fruit floating around it.  All I know is I was having this dream that I was at the dentist and I wake up and there’s a cat with it’s paws in my mouth asking me how good my insurance is and if I was serious about what I said…..

Contest: Wisdom

Winner will be announced Friday, March 18th.  Post your own original quote in the comments.  The comment with the most likes wins framed original art by me

I know you all have lots of your own great quotes waiting to be shared.  It’s ok to quote others but no one but you has the wisdom born of the life you’ve lived.  I’d love to hear them.  Please share in comments

Here is mine.

Don’t mistake soft spoken for soft.  It’s only referring to the sound of my voice.  The power is not in the volume of my words.  I don’t need to roar to be heard.

— Estela


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