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Feel that bit of fabric

Fingers along a face

See what is before you


This is not a race

I can’t rely on memory

See there?

Ah, yes

His face

A kindness that went unnoticed

A love too often late


El Silencio Mata

Para las mujeres de Juarez.

Lovely little

Thing it is


Far away


You ask


You say

Just a lovely

Little tuft

To pass the time

Just the same

Name you ask

Name I say

Still her wander

Lovely shame

Silent still


Needs no name

~~ Estela

I’m worried it takes too much to shock us. Don’t grow numb to what’s wrong.

Beautiful Mess

You probably know that guy.  The one who is unshakable.  At work it might be the person who doesn’t freak out when a deadline on big project gets moved up with little notice.  In families, it isn’t always the older members that have that thing others gravitate to in times of crisis– a calm coolness that puts the ones freaking out at ease.

The unshakables understand that although a straight line is the shortest distance between two points, the measure of success isn’t all about how fast you get there.  This simple sketch captures so much of what we fear– becoming tangled up. We might never get to where we are going if that happens.  If you’ve missed that stinking traffic circle exit for the 5th time, pull the car over and take a step back  Look for a vantage point and take in the full scope of the ride and appreciate that it’s all a beautiful mess.

Art: Organized Chaos by Estela ★



Oops, We Broke The Internet: Anjelina Jalomo

If you like a little country, you’ll love this.  Anjelina, the beautiful young lady singing Stay is an old friend.  I’ve been trying to talk her into sharing her talent with the world and she recently created a YouTube page.

I have found such amazing people in the WordPress family and blogging world.  Amigos and amigas, I am honored to introduce you to an overnight success a long time in the making.  Her story is exactly the kind that is so special because she’s just like you and me, an ordinary person doing extraordinary things.

As you can hear, she has powerful talent.  She doesn’t look like the typical musical siren that big record labels sign and that’s exactly why I knew my WordPress family was the perfect group to share her talent with.  You have all been so supportive and I see how everyone on WP especially encourages those brave newcomers taking the first scary steps on the path to their dreams.