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When You Believe by Estela Caballero


It’s Your Life. Drive!

Something amazing happens when you start believing in yourself.

Others begin to.

Don’t wait for someone to tell you whether or not you are good enough.

They are not the ones you have to convince.

Dream it then make it happen, grasshopper.

— Words and photography by Estela Caballero —

Pause by Estela Caballero

Yeah, that’s right…


Life doesn’t stop just because you went away

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Not a habit of highly successful people but try it anyway by Estela Caballero

While the following direction will never show up on those lists about habits of those annoyingly perfect beings, I recommend being a monkey at least once a week.  Jumping should be a daily occurrence.

I used to dream I would be a writer one day.  Another dream, to be an artist.  I wrote and I created.  I stopped saying “one day”.

Whatever it is you want to do, do it.  The hardest part is sometimes just saying it out loud.  Try it.

Bedtime jumping

Artwork and instructions to enjoy life by Estela Caballero.

Perception by Estela Caballero

If perception is reality, here’s to making your own!  The two pictures below show a Dahlia, the same flower, just seconds apart.

Fresh Looks

Definition of perception (n)


[ pər sépshən ]

Perceiving: the process of using the senses to acquire information about the surrounding environment or situation

  1. result of perceiving: the result of the process of perception
  2. impression: an attitude or understanding based on what is observed or thought

I’m not that great of a photographer.  It’s the lessons and the insight gained that keep me interested.  I get lucky every once in a while and take a shot that amazes.  This one of the Dahlia flower above isn’t one of them.

I had been cutting off the flowers run over by the lawnmower wheels to give the buds some additional energy for the short lived blooms.

It was still a beautiful flower laying there on the gravel.  I picked it up and held it to the sky.  Take a step back.  Crouch down.  Hold something you’ve come to see one way in a different light or press it up against the sky.  We can all benefit from fresh perspective.

If perception is reality– make your own!


True Love: Don’t get me wrong by Estela Caballero

“It’s not a fairy tale but I fall in love with him more and more everyday.  The secret is that we are kind to each other.  We love each other but we like each other too– and we tell each other often through words and actions.”

–Estela Caballero

Common by Estela Caballero

There is a freedom you can’t buy. A freedom only the common enjoy. I strive to be free.


Yes we are common

Common indeed

The house that gives shelter

Common no deed

Yes we are common

The petals that grace

The round of my core

So commonplace

Yes we are common

The people within

Ill fitting clothes

Cars without rims

So ever common

Leave pride at the door

If you are the common

Who needs more

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