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True Love: Don’t get me wrong by Estela Caballero

“It’s not a fairy tale but I fall in love with him more and more everyday.  The secret is that we are kind to each other.  We love each other but we like each other too– and we tell each other often through words and actions.”

–Estela Caballero

Sunday’s Child


Thank you to the little cowboy and his great family for letting me snap a picture!  He’s adorable.  I am sad the picture didn’t capture his entire outfit.  He even had on little cowboy boots.

Take time to explore your world.  I took a Sunday adventure with my boys and found the most wonderful things even when we weren’t looking 🙂

Divas, Chicks & Thanks by Estela Caballero, Chief Star Gazer

aEC Estela Latina BloggerI didn’t consider it a gift at the time.  When you’re at that place you know you might lose everything, you are forever changed.

Exhaustion and a darkness threaten to take up permanent residence where hope used to live.  Here’s what I know– if those things hadn’t happened, I might still be powering through all the moments that need some pondering.  I’d still be thinking rushing through the good stuff was necessary not understanding that I was missing life.  Life isn’t something that can be figured out.  It is just moments, a succession of moments that run together so fast.  Walk slow through the lovely moments.  Run your fingers over the face of one you love.  Trace the path to your dreams in the sky and don’t dare believe having your head in the clouds is a bad thing.  So often perspective begins from a distance.  The clouds offer the perfect view.

I am coming up on a year of blogging…the first four months were logging in and out of WordPress wondering if I could do it– no actual blogging ever happened. Then I came across inspiration and found the most amazing people ever–Simon, Sandra, AB and Katrina. Inspiration gave way to courage.

I realized that there will always be fear when you open yourself up to the opinion of others.  Let it go and get on with your life. You’ve got something to share with the world too.  Find your voice and let it be heard.  My greatest motivation was the desire to connect with others, especially others who may be going through something I had already been through.  Maybe my story would be the thing that made them believe things would get better– let them know they were enough.  Pretty enough, strong enough, talented enough, and enough enough.

Here are some of the many bloggers that I connected with early on.  Their words of encouragement and the window into their world has been a gift.





I invite you to explore 4utu.wordpress.com.  I share stories about my personal experience with an autoimmune disease called lupus— the gift.  Other tales are of the ongoing story of our family’s experience with autism.  Memories of growing up in a Mexican American home and migrant life are woven in with photography, poetry and artwork.

She is me

I chronicled the adventures of a chocolate eating kanga-mouse named ChocoBandido and his chick, Lola (she’s a real chick— you gotta read it for yourself).


There was also that time the neighborhood cats waged war and took out a restraining order against me because they said I didn’t have a signed release to post pictures of them—-divas!

Tell me about you. How’s the view from the clouds my friend?  I’m listening.


A Beautiful Somewhere

On the road to nowhere
Please just hurry up
So fast and so busy
Rushing, rush, rush

I’ll see you when we get there
Wait, that’s not the way
Wander off the beaten path
Be careful
Don’t stray
Join me

Hurry to there

I can’t
So don’t wait
I’m not going there
Go if you must
Rush to nowhere

Mi madre querida me dijo asi
It’s fear that drives people
Their lives
It seems
Fear that makes people
Forget about dreams

Better to walk
A path not yet known
Better to live
Something you own
Fear owns the people
I’m one of them
You little daughter
Are stronger
You’ll win
Your heart made of things
I gave away
To ready your journey
And chase fear away
Abandon the road
The rush to nowhere
You have a place
A beautiful somewhere

Sorry, I Don’t Speak Spanish

for video 092 (2)

“Oh, they don’t speak Spanish..” The phrase often uttered when family would start talking to me in Spanish. I was confused. I had just been speaking in Spanish to them. Trying to speak in my karate chopped Spanish was worse than if I would have politely said nothing at all. I always knew Spanish. Could others understand me? Well, I figured that was their problem. I grew up in a bilingual home. Both my parents spoke Spanish. I could sing great in Spanish but again, I also thought I could speak it just fine too. I have a deep love for the language de la tierra natal de mi padre. It was my father’s first language and my mother’s second. I eventually moved from broken to fair Spanish.

My children grew up in a bilingual home. For the most part, their Spanish outshines mine at their age. My husband and I didn’t intentionally speak one language more than another. For a time, none of our children spoke Spanish. It was a shock to me. I would speak to them in Spanish and they understood. Imagine my surprise when I heard my son tell someone he didn’t speak or understand Spanish. My cheeks flushed, why would my son tell a lie with me standing right in front of him. He was five at the time. When we were alone, I asked him why he said that. He told me he knew what I was saying but couldn’t understand when others spoke. I thought back– I didn’t speak Spanish all the time and I realized that I used short phrases and usually around the same subjects. “La comida esta lista. Vengan a comer” or “Mikey, ya es hora de levantarte.” The phrases were cushioned with enough English before and after that my children used that along with the context of our surroundings or the motioning of my hands to figure out what I was saying.

I panicked. If I was wrong about something so basic what else didn’t I know about my kids.

Gustavo: Autism Tales

Thank you for following our blog. Autism Tales is just one of the stories we have to tell. We love to read your comments and hear your stories too!

The Caballero Family

Working Father: Just Like You

Working Father:  Just Like You

Just like a little shadow
Please walk in front of me
So I can protect you
And all can see
Your father will never leave
Walking behind
Happened a marvelous thing
I found my little shadow
Was just as I want to be

Speak Up

Speak up-- on the record
Speak up– on the record

Think your vote doesn’t matter?  Someone is counting on that.  Don’t give your voice away so easily.

Right, center or left.  The only bad vote is no vote.