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Aura by Estela

a the seashore

The whole world is sleeping

Not you and me

No care of tomorrow

It’s but a dream

Winter moonlight

The light gently streams

Hinting at sunrise

Celestial unseen

Let’s run away

Again and again

Take me away

It’s time to begin

One Day

I know, I was waiting for a long time too.  That day, the one so close you can almost see it–   Sometimes I thought it would happen on a vacation or after I won some big prize.  If you’re waiting for that perfect day, here’s my advice– make it happen.  Don’t wait for a vacation to have fun or spend time with someone you love.

Chances are you have a gold mine of awesome things to do within a short drive of where you live.  Become a tourist in your own back yard.  Pretend you are going on vacation around your hometown and be open to seeing your everyday surroundings with those vacation glasses.  You’ll be oohing and aahing in no time.

I live a short distance from the Columbia River near the border of Oregon and Washington state.  I didn’t grow up too far from here.  Imagine my surprise when I found out there were little lizards and huge pelicans right by the shore.  Ok, I know this might not sound like a huge discovery but I thought pelicans only lived near the ocean and we are a good 6 hours away from the ocean.  There they were on the river mingling with the seagulls.  Now the lizards make sense, we are in a desert but I had never seen one of these critters before.

As some of you know, I broke my camera a couple months ago and have been using my cell for pictures.  I couldn’t zoom in enough to get a good shot of the pelicans but I told them I’d be back.  They looked at me just like the deer that one time.  Believe it or not, I even saw a buffalo.  I got a picture and will post soon along with that little lizard critter.

Gustavo did a great job pretending to be a tiger in the picture above.  Mr. Caballero did a great job avoiding the camera 🙂