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Why we like what we like?


Not too long ago, a famous violinist, Joshua Bell, played in the subway. It wasn’t as a panhandler before he made it.  He was already extremely well known.  He didn’t advertise he’d be in the subway that day so the people walking by were the same people walking by had he  not been there– except for the social scientists probably lurking around.  It was a social  experiment that was interested in seeing if this talented fellow who sold out venues would draw the same attention in the subway.  Would his beautiful music be as appreciated if one hadn’t paid $100 for a ticket?

I checked it out at Snopes– I need someone to Snope Snopes to make sure they are legit 😉


What do you think? Are we more inclined to like something because someone else said it was beautiful or desirable?  I’d  like to think not but I know it’s naive to think I am not influenced by the outside world.  It’s human nature.  The most we can do is be aware of it and appreciate beauty when we see it– not just when someone else validates it.  The violinist played for about 45 minutes and made $32.  Only a handful of people stopped to see him play.  He was in a subway playing on a violin that was worth about $3.5 million.

Autism Tales: Vogue & Vision by Gustavo Caballero


Gustavo's Vogue
Gustavo’s Vogue 8 years old when he made this

More art in different media by Gustavo.

More art by Gustavo Caballero of Autism Tales.

A Talented Soul

A Talented Soul

By Artist Gustavo Caballero

Gustavo has autism. I am certain it has influenced how he sees the world. I am always grateful when I get to see a glimpse of his perspective. He was flipping through one of my magazines and started to draw his interpretation of a photo of Rihanna. I love his artistic style.