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Final Victor

Steps just like a whisper

This thing

This one

Sinking even quicker


Wisdom, what have you done

Cry out I am your victor

They said this day would come

Standing here before me

Fear masked but fool no one

— fin–

❤ Estela


Photography, Riddle Of The Victor and original artwork by Estela Caballero


Autism Tales & Pages Of My Heart

Crinkled pages that might have been tossed away by an untrained eye are kept safe.  Life painted and told in the beautiful song of his first language.  Some speak with words.  He has trained the swirl of the sounds and whispers he first heard as he slept between two worlds in the safety of my belly.  They cover pages with words from the heart.  They bring laughter with their unfiltered look.  He has a gift.  He could just tell us but this will do just fine.  Fine for now.  Fine forever.


The dear letters

Live Your Dream

Some people dream of vacationing on a beautiful island– ok, I dream of that too.  I also dreamed of sharing my stories and photos with the world and I finally did it with this blog.  I dreamed of turning my treasure hunts at antique stores and thrift shops into more than just a collection.

From the bottom of my heart ❤ Thank you for following my story.

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