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Traveling Feet: Random Stuff

Standing near the Columbia River in Washington state.

4utu’s all about living each day to the fullest. Part of that is recognizing and enjoying the beauty and local treasures we sometimes take for granted.

Google Earth made my first trip to Mexico possible.  Using the street view feature I walked up and down the streets of a little town in Mexico, a rancho, they call it.  I don’t know if I’ll ever go.  A friend of mine told me living in fear isn’t really living.  She is right but the places I’d like to visit are too dangerous– it’s not the touristy places I want to go, it’s the ranchitos that are home to people I want to meet in person.

While I didn’t make it to Mexico, I did get to explore a few new states this year.  One trip had me touching down in Memphis, Tennessee and filling my belly with catfish at a beautiful spot near the Mississippi River.  Let me just put this out there.  If you are one of those people that will not eat catfish because they are bottom feeders don’t read any of my posts on Traveling Feet.  I love catfish and if they are mud suckers they must be eating some magical mud because they are tasty. travelling-feet

I don’t know how to swim and don’t have a strong desire to learn.  I can back float like nobody’s business.  I love being by the water and at some point, it would be a good idea to learn.  The Columbia River divides my two favorite states, Oregon and Washington, that river is so much a part of my world. The irrigation network it feeds makes much of the agriculture in eastern Washington possible. I love the Mighty Columbia but I have to admit, flying over the Mississippi was an experience. I kept singing two songs in my head– ok, maybe a little out loud too. A few of the fellow passengers didn’t like my rendition of Proud Mary or Walking In Memphis. Man, I need some blue suede shoes.

There’s a chance my singing wasn’t the problem.  I threw in a few dance moves– sitting of course.  I had my seatbelt on– I’m no rule breaker.  The saying, “the music moves me but it moves me ugly” may have been written after observations of me in the wild or on the plane.

Columbia River in Washington state.