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thumbtacksGood luck getting these by the person who orders office supplies at work.  Don’t let that stop you from bringing a sure smile into your day. These are going to look great next to the my slinky.porcupine

If these are too over the top, ease into it.  You have to work your way up to the genius of the color pencil porcupine.  Start with a classic Mr. Potato Head casually hanging out in an out of the way corner of your desk.  Still too much?  Maybe a twist on a traditional staple of the office desk. The grasshopper stapler is functional and fun.  The grasshopper is adorable.  Life is too short.  I told everyone my stapler just looked weird because it was ergonomic.  I’m being proactive about my safety.  Hey, I don’t stare at their keyboard (anymore) or pretend I’m Spock charting a course to new worlds (anymore).  If that’s still too radical for your office, I must ask, how many colors of sticky notes are in the supply closet?grasshopper

If neon sticky notes are an option, there may be hope for your career at this place.  The stickies make great gliders and are the “Solitaire” of paper– you know how you used to be able to play Solitaire on your computer before IT found out.  The “Professional” can transform to a legit business communication as needed.