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Oops, We Broke The Internet: Anjelina Jalomo

If you like a little country, you’ll love this.  Anjelina, the beautiful young lady singing Stay is an old friend.  I’ve been trying to talk her into sharing her talent with the world and she recently created a YouTube page.

I have found such amazing people in the WordPress family and blogging world.  Amigos and amigas, I am honored to introduce you to an overnight success a long time in the making.  Her story is exactly the kind that is so special because she’s just like you and me, an ordinary person doing extraordinary things.

As you can hear, she has powerful talent.  She doesn’t look like the typical musical siren that big record labels sign and that’s exactly why I knew my WordPress family was the perfect group to share her talent with.  You have all been so supportive and I see how everyone on WP especially encourages those brave newcomers taking the first scary steps on the path to their dreams.