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Lupus & Me: Mirror Mirror


Moon face.  It’s an incredible change to your face that seems to happen overnight when you are pumped full of things to suppress your own immune system. My chipmunk cheeks are one of the final reminders that just a few weeks ago I was in the hospital.  When I woke up that day, I felt fine.  It was lupus again with a reminder that fine was only skin deep.  Not even skin deep if I made the mistake of letting the sun rest on any part of my face for too long.

The last several months were peppered with visits to the emergency room and follow up visits–  if I didn’t have a diagnosis of lupus already, it would have been understandable if my family questioned my sanity.  My fingers would turn a scary shade of grape for a while.  My feet began to play dead, well that’s what it…

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Soy India Pata Rajada

He was in awe that there it was, on the screen. The streets he walked as a child. The place where they held the velorio for my grandfather when he died. The small rancho he hailed from, important enough for the internet.


By Estela Caballero, Chief Star Gazer and Executive Dreamer

Here’s what I know.  Soy India y orgullosa de serlo.  Soy India pata rajada y orgullosa de lo que soy.  I had heard bad words growing up and could hurl insults right back sharp as a whip.  When a toad of a girl and her fat brother called me and my sister pochas, I didn’t know the meaning but I could tell it was bad by the way they reveled in satisfaction.  To go tell my parents, that would go against the code.  During the daylight hours there were only a few things you better be doing in the house if you weren’t in school.  I didn’t like any of the choices–  cleaning, cooking, taking care of babies or more cleaning.

My sister and the rest of the Indios Pata Rajada clan. My sister and the rest of the Indios Pata Rajada clan.

The worst of the options if you…

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Two Loves & Hard Choices

Life can be tough.



Epic poems have been written about this love or that love.  Sagas about the one that got away. Never has there been a more pressing choice between bliss and true love.  My good people, I give you a man and his dog– a masterpiece that captures two species contemplating a choice that may or may not have dire consequences on the ride back home. Lets hope they choose wisely and steer clear of dairy.

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