About Me & Why You Should Stay Awhile

Photographer, writer, blogger, and artist. She’s an up and coming Latina– the rest of the world just doesn’t know it yet.  She is writing this in third person now and it’s weird so she is going to stop.

The U.S. Pacific Northwest is often associated with miles and miles of forest– rocksevergreens, waterfalls and even volcanoes.  I grew up in this region but on the side many people don’t know exists.  There is a desert found in the Pacific Northwest, a desert full of life. Explore a collection of stories and articles on everything from Rising Stars To Watch featuring ordinary people doing extraordinary things to my personal struggle with a hidden disease that almost stopped me dead in my tracks…literally.

The physical changes I went through at my worst during the fight with the 204620_198628730159812_3974851_odisease were unbelievable, 105 lbs to almost 200 lbs and my hair lost to chemo returned for a time as a layer of fuzz. The changes on the inside, my soul and being, made all that pale in comparison. I’m good now but the experience remains.

If you are reading this, something I created sparked your interest. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to spend it with me. Thank you. I hope to make you laugh and find the hope and glimmer to get you through the day when you stop by. Don’t Ever Take Your Dog’s Advice On Hair, Adventures of ChocoBandido Garay and Steps are a good introduction to 4utu if you are looking for a smile.  Differences abound. I invite you to walk with me and learn why that’s not a bad thing. There is a richness in diversity. Stories in my collections Lupus & Me and Autism Tales are the beginnings of a book.

I want your visit here to be your window. Tell me what you see. I’m listening.

13 thoughts on “About Me & Why You Should Stay Awhile”

  1. Querida Estela! Hola! I am soooo awful at finding out that I got messaged or comments; sorry for the late reply. I am glad you reached out to me! Let’s remain in touch ! Abrazos. Andre

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  2. In April I got very sick on a roadtrip. It felt more like poisoning than just bad food. I ate a few meals that day, one a salad only. After I gave up red meat entirely. I do eat fish and seafood now. I have had such a relief of symptoms – allergies, auto immune, hives, etc. Symptoms gone! I don’t know if this may help you but please consider it.

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  3. Hi Estela 😀
    As promised, here I am and, wow, what a read ! Living a normal family life with its ups and downs is hard enough. I am so impressed, both with your openness of your condition and the happiness when showing your son’s drawings. You must have a really supportive husband.
    I wish you all well and I do hope that 2016 is being kind to all of you.
    Ralph ❤

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