Another Year, My Son

Days and nights

Was that you asleep

On the steps of the store

Just tired, so you seek

Things you don’t have

Things we don’t need

I’m tired too

A heavy sleep

And then

Tough love

Life moves on

My tough heart

Heavy heart

All I can do is weep

Tough love

Should I have bended more

Like the proverbial tree

Will you knock on my door


I fear you are in the prison of my dreams

Tough love my son

Doesn’t feel like love my son

Have I lost you

Once again to the streets

Tough love

The cycle son

Is killing you and me

Tough love

Hurts you

Hurts me

I swear that was you

Down the street

Tough love

I look away

It’s not you

I see

Tough love

My son

Is this really what must be

Tough love

Look where it’s got me

Tough love

Heavy heart

And a boy with no place to sleep

Tough love

As hard as I can be

I see your face everywhere

Please wake from

The seemingly forever sleep

Tough love

I love you

I need you to love you

Please come back to me


Dedicated to my son on this special day.