There isn’t a stove so I couldn’t make pancakes even if I wanted to.  Yesterday, I was seated at the most lovely restaurant eating pancakes and hoping it would be more than pancakes.  I was hoping somehow, it would be home.  It wasn’t.

For those of you who are part of the 4utu community, you know that part of my Sunday morning routine is to watch Britain’s Got Talent auditions while making breakfast.  I love hearing the backstory that accompanies those who shine on stage.  A few of these videos have become akin to old friends.  My heart longs for the smell of pancakes made with love as I listen to these stories in the background.  If you love pancakes, this is dedicated to you.  If you love stories that can take you back decades in the span of a few minutes, this is dedicated to you.  If you love, this is dedicated to you ❤