The Eighth

It’s ok if it doesn’t rhyme
Every line
The message
Begs release
Oh no
Not again
Oh please
Here comes the 8th


Even responsible hard working people get caught in the vicious cycle of poverty.  Bilingual banter on the dreaded due date that plays out across the world in every language known to man—-

 The Eighth

the turn heel

Down payment

Picket fence

Little iron gate

My dream

Wait, no our dream

Is a dime more than a pence

Start next week

It can wait

Didn’t matter anyway

Got denied

Why’d you make me try

I hate it when the lady says

Here, toma

Look me in the eyes

Here’s your discount anyway

Wait a month and try again

No crees what the people say

Your credit score stays high

I didn’t want it anyway

Landlady’s kind of nice

Who wants things

From a dream

Like Tio’s friend

From Beach City

His payment way too high

Credit union

Can’t trust me

Five tandas never late

Even when I pulled

The last

A seven, ten…

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