Breaking News: ChocoBandido’s Choco Heist

Could "Loca" be reason for daring choco heist?
ChocoBandido and Loca, his chick in happier times.  ChocoBandido is considered dangerous.  Authorities urge the public to call police if they see this dangerous rodent.  ChocoBandido has a unique tattoo on his chest that reads “Mi Vida Loca” a tribute to his undying love for Loca.

Early reports of the daring heist caught on Chococam #41 shocked ChocoWorld. What appeared to be a rough looking character wearing what has been described as kangamouse get up as he stole ChocoNuggets from the Queen’s Valentine’s Day pre-party preparations.

ChocoBandido posted this picture of him and Loca to Facebook just hours before he dangled and wrangled ChocoNuggets into his ChocoBandido suit (we are

still not sure where he stashed as he dashed.  Kangaroo theories abound). We now know he has a heart for what he describes as “Mi Vida” or “My Life”. His “Vida” is Loca. From the tattoo on the chick next to him in his post, we are pretty sure Loca is blond.

No sign of Loca yet but the night is still young.  Detectives are working on a lead but aren’t saying much.  A source close to the case spoke to our reporter.  She has heard whispers of Mr. Fluffles having a paw in it.  Oh what a tangled web indeed.

Scenes from earlier today.  It’s rumored that ChocoBandido was stunt double for Tom Cruise in several films, explaining why he appeared to be flying on security camera footage.

Daring Choco Heist
Daring Choco Heist


Investigators worked with sketch artist and eye witness to recreate what the witness witnessed.  The hope is that someone will recognize ChocoBandido and notify the authorities.