The True Story of Nacho & Super Bug

WP_20150724_08_38_32_ProAlmost a year ago I gave my dad a mission. He accepted.  I wanted to see what he saw.  You can know someone your whole life and one day accept and admit you probably don’t even know yourself. Nacho and his super bug is a case of a child thinking they are outsmarting their parent–  forgetting that they only let you believe this.

I can see how his questions and interest were leading me to a mission.  He wanted to see what I saw when he showed me why I am as I am.

He likes bugs.  I mean, he really likes bugs.  I am sure there is a message in the bug pictures, a riddle.  I discover clues every time I explore the images downloaded from his story card- SD card sounds so boring and Nacho is anything but boring.

The grasshopper is his favorite. In fact, he drove around for two days with great care not to dislodge super bug from his perch.  I wish I could say no bugs were harmed in the making of this collection but super bug looks suspiciously serene for a grasshopper.  In general, grasshoppers aren’t known for being good photo shoot models.

My definition of beauty is about feeling.  My curiosity is curious.  I believe the impossible is impossible until it’s possible.  I’ve seen a world where an outwardly reserved patriarch laughs so loud no one can hear it. The mystery of the echos he’s timed for me to hear at the precise time I need it cannot be captured.  They float free between yesterday and tomorrow landing on the banks of where we we all meet in the distant someday.  The hint of remorse and restrained hope shout to the keen listener.  I shout back.  Forgiveness is a heartbreaking series of reliving something that never should have been and then letting it go until the next time.  I tell a story of a time he says I was too young to remember.  The old Polaroid is always tucked in the space between the glass and frame.  The picture inside the frame is not the one that matters, it’s a canvas for the very real business of life.  The judgement of a young daughter resounded and carried the one thing we all need.  Our purpose is revealed with time.