Dog Gone

He usually has good advice
He usually has good advice

I’m all for taking inspiration from nature. Here’s an instance of taking it too far. My dog has beautiful color. He’s lucky– it’s natural. I had his beautiful coat in mind as I walked back and forth in the hair color aisle. I pulled out my cell phone a few times and held it up to the rows of hair dye boxes.  I found one that looked like a close match for my soon to be new look.  I was excited to get back home and start the hair makeover.  The end result was less than natural. True story.

This had happened before–  I’m no stranger to hair gone wrong. My hair didn’t look so bad in the forgiving light of the bathroom.  It’s always dusky in there and a dim room does wonders for my hair and skin.  Everything always looks great in (2)

The hair dye had only dyed the top section of hair. Tiers are good if you are talking about UNESCO protected rice fields in Japan or even wedding cake.  You don’t really want your hair to ever be described as tiered.  There were three prominent bands of color perfectly tiered and colorful.  It reminded me of those rocket popsicles. You know, download (4)those tri-color popsicles that are shaped like a rocket.  Now before you say, “That’s not so bad,” the pictures didn’t do the vibrant orange section of the rocket justice.  It was a mix of gray and orange at the top, the rest of my hair did their own thing.  I needed them to work as a team and they turned on me.

The dog looked up at me several times and while I’ve never seen a dog laugh, I’m sure that’s what he did.  I tried to get him to sit still in front of the mirror with me so I could compare shades.  He proved to be squirrely in addition to being a sneaky fox with mind control powers.  My husband aaaaaDSCN0483once again proved his love by agreeing to go to the store and getting me a dark color to cover up.                   As I waited for a new box of makeover magic, I had plenty of time to think about where I might have went wrong. I thought about calling the hair colorist expert, I had never seen the number on the box.  Lots of good information on boxes if you take time to read them.  Instead, I reflected deeply. Perhaps the dog wasn’t the best person to ask about my new look. Imitation is the best form of flattery. He was pleased with himself.

Plenty of time to think