Fotos Y Recuerdos






All photos by I. Garay

Words by Me ❤

The Day I Gave My Dad A Camera

He is a man of few words.  As the years go by, it becomes clear he has something to tell me.  Isn’t that just the way it is with everyone.  Each morning begins with new resolve, today will be the day I say, “I love you.”

He’s been on a mission I wish he would have began so many years ago.  I’ve lost the child in me that would ask questions and miss the signs it made him uncomfortable.  I’m a polite daughter, a caring daughter– all the things a good daughter should be.

A new voice with words I’ve yet to learn, pierces my heart even though the meaning escapes me.  His eyes rest on shots I would overthink.  He sees something he needs to tell me in each image we look at together each time we meet.  I can’t ask what I want to.  Like so much with my father, directness must be set aside.  Instead I ask what he likes about the picture.  I see such emotion.  I hear the words I now understand were there the entirety of my life.