Mr. Nutcracker

Steinbach NutcrackerThis fellow was surrounded by a mish mash of Halloween figurines and creepy porcelain dolls.  I decided to rescue him.  He turned out to be best find of the weekend!

Visit me on my newest adventure as professional treasure hunter.  Sure, I could call it what it is…a flea market/thrift store addict that promised to thin out the “treasures” taking over the house.  Treasure hunter sounds better, right? My treasures are on display under bellarealvintage on eBay.

Mr. Odd Ball IMG_7477Nutcracker turned out to be Irish St. Patrick Steinbach Nutcracker from Germany.  I had no idea these collectibles were so popular, especially revered in a small town in the Pacific Northwest.  That’s right.  There is a Bavarian village in Washington state!

The town of Leavenworth, Washington found themselves in an all too common situation– innovate or slowly become a
ghost town.

A combination of changing railways and the loss of jobs xmas-lightingin the timber industry resulted in many leaving the small town in search of jobs.  Leavenworth residents had often heard that the alpine hills were very much like those of German Bavaria.  They agreed to make a run in the direction of what some called crazy….it was better than doing nothing. They turned their town into a Bavarian village and it’s a destination visited by people all ovalvwaer the world.

My new friend, the nutcracker, would feel right at home.  They have a Nutcracker Museum.  If you are ever in the area, Leavenworth is beautiful all year around.

If there are any nutcracker collectors, please share your favorite and what sparked your interest– aside from them being so awesome looking.

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New treasures as I find them!