Speak Now

43 (2)

Collapse of a system

Univision must have missed them

Novelas still dominate the news

True not the first ones

But how many more sons

Will it take to join the few

At present, a daughter

Butchers will slaughter

Mourning is quiet

Don’t cry

Stare at your shoes

A thunderous warning

Soon there

It’s a coming

A fight

We’re lost


Nothing to lose

Silence leads not to safety

Delay monsters


Till the night

They came, see


What a price

But you knew

Scream now

Someone save me

Just please not my baby

Let her sleep

Here take me

I was dead

At the moment

Eyes fixed on my shoes


The disappeared and a heartbreaking 1 year anniversary.  There were too many times I found myself wishing that when I said, “It can’t get worse than this,” it was true.  It’s not.  1 year later, and nothing has changed.  43 students were taken at the orders of someone in power.  The sanity of parents is held together by the fragile hope they will see their sons once more.  Keeping quiet has not saved anyone.  Vultures flying about are sought out by families of the 43 and countless others who traded silence for loud demands.  No one is coming to help.  A mother points to the vultures as they begin to descend to the dark earth.  In a scene that will play out again and again, broken souls with shovels will chase the vultures away in hopes of finding the bones of a loved one.  Solace is relative in a place without biblical stars to show them the way– it’s called Iguala.

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