Origin Story: My habit & Bella Real Vintage (bellarealvintage)

I’m a junkie.  My habit is spending too much time treasure hunting and I’m running out of space.  I love this stuff!  I have wanted to sell collectibles on eBay for a while but kept putting it off.

I invite you to check out my treasures on eBay under seller bellarealvintage.  My husband isn’t fully convinced I finally did it and suspects I may be buying back my own stuff.

If you spot something that brings back a memory or you know more about the artist, please share.  The detective work is my favorite part of collecting.  I’m still a beginner and am studying pottery mark identification.  I have one treasure I really do need help on.  I was lucky to find a bunch of pieces from early California potters.  I have a set of mugs and pitcher by Winston Ware but there isn’t a lot on the internet showing examples of her work.  Anything you know about Donna Winston and Winston Ware would be greatly appreciated.  I will post picture of the set on the blog soon.  The design is different than what I’ve seen for work from 1960s-70s, when this was likely made.  The colors make sense but the shape is very unique… hook handles on both pitcher and mugs.

The round jug with a hole in middle is called a pilgrim’s flask or jug.  I also found some similar in shape called ring jugs or canteens.  This was also made by a California artist, founder of Maddux of California.  I’d love to hear anything you know about this piece.

Thanks for visiting 4utu and I’m happy you are joining me on this new adventure.  Happy Treasure Hunting!