Autism Tales: Pokemon Rip Off

Gustavo has autism.  When he was first diagnosed, we didn’t know what to expect.  Once people would find out that Gustavo had autism they would ask things like, “Is it true they don’t like to be around people?”  Sometimes they would react as if I told them my son was gravely ill and close to death.

Gustavo is intelligent.  He has a wonderful sense of humor–  he has sharp wit but because he has autism I think most people miss it.  I love watching him open a new box of Pokemon cards.  He loves Pokemon.  He gets annoyed with me when I pronounce the names wrong.  It’s hilarious how he corrects me–  he’s serious and means business.  He also gets annoyed if I ask him to show me how to play.  I think he knows it’s too complicated for me and usually just waves his finger like he’s saying “no, no.”

He speaks but sometimes it can be hard to understand.  He was speaking in a regular voice before I started this video but once he saw I was recording he started whispering–  who knows why.  Here is first look at Gustavo’s YouTube debut–  Pokemon Rip Off.