Information Doesn’t Equal Knowledge

Push yourself to think in a different way.  There is a reason two people can have similar roadblocks in life but different outcomes.  Yes, things like money, family, social support and health all come into play—they matter.  If a person believes they have no control over their life and what happens, it gives them permission to stop trying.  There are lots of people with mountains of information to support a person’s belief that everyone else is to blame.  They are the media equivalent of that friend who tells you about everyone who talks about you behind your back because “…you should know.”  They never want “..problems with anyone” and make you promise not to say anything or tell anyone who told you.  They are not your friends and I hate to break it to you but they aren’t helping you.  It’s a game.  Step back and think about what your role is in the game.  If you are spending a lot of time with people like this, I am guessing you give them a predictable reaction and might be their go to activity when they are bored.  They know how to get you mad, make you fight with your husband, plant a seed of doubt, make comments about what someone hinted one of your kids might be doing and how they made it seem like you were a bad mom……  You are as free as you allow yourself to be.  Reacting to information may or may not be a choice. Is it a choice when someone can guess how you will react and you prove them right?

As you sift through news headlines, pay attention to what you are reading.  Who wrote it?  What response does it seem the content creator wanted to get out of you?  If you were angry after you read it and couldn’t believe this was true, think about that for a minute. What part about the information made you angry?  We entered political campaigning season a long time ago.  Many people I know say things like, “I’m not into politics.”  It’s scary.  Think about how many things that affect you every day are decided by politics.  Stop thinking of it as politics.  They are decisions someone makes about how things are going to get done.  Things like:

·        Will your paycheck have state income tax deduction taken out?  You might work an identical job for identical pay just a few miles apart from your brother.  His state has no state income tax but yours does.

·        When is someone going to fix the potholes?  You had to replace your tires again and it wasn’t cheap.  Weren’t you going to buy school clothes for the kids?

·        Why do you have to show your picture ID to buy over the counter prescription?  I needed sinus medication and didn’t have my wallet.  I work and don’t have time for this.

·        Why didn’t they ban fireworks this year?  The neighbors kids set the house on fire and it burned our garage.  It was July 2nd and I highly doubt they were set off in the spirit of freedom.

·        Why did they ban fireworks this year?  Isn’t this a free country.  It’s how I celebrate my freedom and someone took that away.  It’s very un-American.

Over the next coming months—the rest of your life if you want to know the truth, you will see millions of bits and pieces of information.  Be free.  Don’t be satisfied with the illusion of freedom.  I’m not into politics.  I hate to disappoint all the experts that were counting on making me feel life was too complicated and I should just let someone explain it to me.  Stop trying to distract me with easy bait.  I’ve got some questions for you and I am pretty sure they weren’t on your talking points list.