No Day

The day. Captured by Estela Caballero
The day.
Captured by Estela Caballero

Find solace and look out the window

You’re right to ignore the sky

Your brightest star has shifted

See in the wings standing by

A call to light the vacant

From ancient till today

Grains of sands if put in perspective

Great diamonds to those who remain

Time, he is relative

Said to be misunderstood

I’ll tell you a secret my sister

Keep watch there in the shadows

Soon arm and arm in the woods

Reveals what never was secret

Time never misunderstood.

At the heart,

The truth of the matter

In depths

In the green of the woods

Embrace relatively sweetly,

Time is not

And it never was.

Even with pure intentions

Had she presented

As it really was,

Unmovable bendable constant

It’s none

And as often is

Truth, she does us no good.

It’s why when we sleep we falter,

Strange unbelievable worlds.

At wake

He comes to catch you

And a flood of wonders occurs.

How can we know of such things?

Unfamiliar feels so natural.

Thoughts command

Great armies.

I fly in a whirlwind of stars.

Tell me again my brother,

What you saw that day.

The one imprinted tomorrow,

The one when I begged you to stay

It wasn’t a time for smiling.

Laughing and tears, I’m afraid.

As you passed through the door

To the hallway,

Your eyes said we’d meet yesterday.

Tomorrow has yet to happen,

At least what I see on this plane.

Existence, line of sight

Muddied with longing,

How soon ends this sweet

unending day.