Beauty Sleep & Growing Pains

I wore that glove a little too long after Halloween.


I don’t know if dreams really mean anything more than what we want them to mean.  Maybe that’s enough.  It’s possible that somewhere in the years leading up to the earthquake that woke the volcano I had heard someone speak of it and that’s why it came to me in dreams long before it was reported in the news.  The need to fully explain or understand those things was abandoned when I realized there was a good chance I wouldn’t know what to do with the meaning if by some miracle it came to me.

I sat up in the bed to remind myself it was only a dream.  My mom said prayers to try and rid me of the nightmares.  She did a limpia on me and called my grandma in California to see what else might help.  I heard her say that the doctor told her they didn’t know why…

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