The Beating

Domestic violence exists comfortably in the shadows. It gains strength like so many other ills– through a false sense of comfort. “It happens to them and they are nothing like me.”

I’m like you. I’m like them. There are countless that can’t scream. I know, it happened to me.



Domestic violence is one those things you can’t fully understand unless you live through it.  This was a lifetime ago and my escape gave way to a new future.  Here’s the thing.  The last thing a person in an abusive relationship needs is judgement. They know it’s not right.  Since I began sharing my own personal experience I have heard from women that have careers and are well respected in their fields to women working in the field.  Some will leave, some will not.

I did but not without a loss that will be with me forever.  Once upon a time—


The Beating by Estela Caballero

Ever impossible

Thickness of night

Hit me again

With all of your might

I’m alive

Not your property

I’m alive

I can fight

Long sleeves and a smile

Hide our lovely night

Restart the ritual

Tell me you’re right

Say sorry, beguile

The last…

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