The company you keep

Always in good company…….



Artwork by Estela & Gustavo Caballero: Madre Teresa

There is a saying said a great many ways.  They capture the thinking of many, even me at one time.

Tell me what company you keep and I’ll tell you who you are.

Who hasn’t made a snap judgement?  What happens after that initial idea you form about a person based on first impression?  It depends on the situation– sometimes that glimpse is all we get.

I knew a person who felt you could tell alot about a person’s character and pride from their weight.  It drove me nuts.  I’d shoot back with challenges asking what someone’s shoes said about what kind of leader someone was?  He’d scoff at me and say that was crossing into crazy talk…if you wanted to know about leadership you looked at the car not the shoes.  What did I know…I was a young girl he had…

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