Taco Syndrome Diaries: The Way To A Man’s Heart by Estela Caballero

Thank you everyone who takes time to say hello! I love reading and replying back to comments. It is such an amazing experience to develop friendships and make connections with such lovely people all around the world.

If you are reading this I count you as one of those awesome people.


Estela 🙂


Many Mexicans and Mexican American husbands and wives know this is an unsaid rule.  If the rule is broken, the woman will forget the unsaid part and make it clear.  You don’t feed another woman’s man.  You just don’t.afields

For those who have not experienced life outside the city, fields that go on for miles creating this or that destined to land on a dinner plate is as foreign as men wearing skinny jeans to me.  The dusty concrete trench at the edge of this field will soon be filled with irrigation water.  My father would insert curved aluminum tubes in to the ditch.  The shape and quick dipping motion get the water flowing from the ditch into the rows of the thirsty earth.

field and irrigation ditchAside from their primary duty, the ditches served as a wonderland to me.  I would walk barefoot in the ditch searching for polliwogs. With a giant empty pickle…

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