Deeper Dive: It’s Your Life. Drive!


Deeper Dive:  It's Your Life.  Drive!

What’s behind 4utu’s guiding statement of It’s your life, Drive!?

A challenge. Would you ever get in the back seat of a car with no driver and expect to get to your destination? Probably not.

What about fuel? You’ve never had much luck but today you were caller number 5 and correctly answered the weekly musical challenge. The prize– 10 gas tank fill ups. Would you pass up an offer for even one free fill up at the gas station? It’s yours as long as you don’t mind it’s water instead of gas. They are both liquids and can be dispensed using the same equipment. That’s close enough right? Imagine recounting how you let someone put water into your gas tank and were shocked when it wouldn’t start. Complacency is Driving’s archnemesis. A close second is Lack of Personal Accountability.

Being without a driver doesn’t mean you won’t move. There…

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