Dangerous slight by Estela Caballero

I’m beautiful even on the days I’m not feeling it. Get a life and leave me to mine.



I'm more.  I'm enough.

I am more than my hair

More than a race

Dangerous dare

I am more than this face

Close your eyes

See the trace

The shape of my lips

Occupies space

Impossible feats

Transcend time

Silence dooms to repeat

A glimpse through a doorway

Of which you’ve no key

Blood rushed like an ocean

You fight to be free

Release me, my hands

Create for a time

When unspeakable things

Live in stories, not lives

I’m enough

Said the mind

I’m enough

Said me

Speak up or say nothing

Both say something

You keep on your way

I on mine

Paths often cross

So goes life

You can wait by the doorway

Gates rusted with time

You less than a memory

I’ve long since taken flight

Take what you will

When we speak of these things

In my house, never spoken

Until they came for me

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