From a distance by Estela Caballero

from a distance


In memory of the 150 souls on flight 9525

I boarded a flight early last week.  I saw the curve of the Earth and I wished the moment could have been shared with my children and husband.  This was a business trip and the first time I would be away from my family for so long– ever.  Two weeks flies by in familiar territory.  I was definitely not in familiar territory.  I crossed more than time zones on the flight from Washington state to Arkansas– the Natural State.  I knew the camera on my phone would produce a decent picture of a moving and powerful view. The fuzzy image would have to do– I’d do my best to try to describe what cannot be described when I recounted it to my family.

Getting to Arkansas from a tiny airport is an all day trek.  Over the next few days and weeks, the…

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