A Message To The Future by Estela Caballero

benita and estela (2)

Once lost on the road

That one to nowhere

Running and moving

But going nowhere

Cruelest illusion

I was wrong


 Mistake movement for progress

It’s likely we’ll share

A cab on the road

Up the hill

To nowhere

Telling the world

To please hurry up

Exhausted, busy

Rushing, rush, rush

When will we get there?

Wait, that’s not the way

Beware of that beaten path

Be careful

Don’t stray

Join me

Now hurry

No time to spare

No light at the end

Are you certain

It’s there

Wait, wait

No, I can’t

I won’t

So don’t wait

Green rolling hills

My star awaits

Go if you must

Rush to nowhere

Mi madre querida me dijo asi

It’s fear that drives people

Their lives

It seems

Fear that makes people

Forget about dreams

Better to walk

A path not yet known

Better to live

Something you own

Fear owns the people

I’m one of them

You little daughter

Are stronger

You’ll win

Your heart made of things

I gave away

To ready your journey

And chase fear away

Abandon the road

The rush to nowhere

You have a place

A beautiful somewhere

Down, down soft green hills

Never too late

Take flight my baby

Nowhere can wait

One thought on “A Message To The Future by Estela Caballero”

  1. Reblogged this on 4utu and commented:

    Life changes in an instant. Don’t miss what matters– it’s not a race or a destination. It’s now ❤


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