Perception by Estela Caballero

If perception is reality, here’s to making your own!  The two pictures below show a Dahlia, the same flower, just seconds apart.

Fresh Looks

Definition of perception (n)


[ pər sépshən ]

Perceiving: the process of using the senses to acquire information about the surrounding environment or situation

  1. result of perceiving: the result of the process of perception
  2. impression: an attitude or understanding based on what is observed or thought

I’m not that great of a photographer.  It’s the lessons and the insight gained that keep me interested.  I get lucky every once in a while and take a shot that amazes.  This one of the Dahlia flower above isn’t one of them.

I had been cutting off the flowers run over by the lawnmower wheels to give the buds some additional energy for the short lived blooms.

It was still a beautiful flower laying there on the gravel.  I picked it up and held it to the sky.  Take a step back.  Crouch down.  Hold something you’ve come to see one way in a different light or press it up against the sky.  We can all benefit from fresh perspective.

If perception is reality– make your own!


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