Steps: Best Game Ever by The Dogs

Humans, don’t let your dog read this.


Continue reading for important information on why cats shouldn’t be allowed to sleep inside and instructions on how to play the best game ever.  This is a dog game–  you will need at least one human.  It looks easy but that’s because we’re dogs–  we’re specialists.  Trust me, it takes years of training.  There’s one rabbit up in Washington that does a decent “goaty” eye but aside from that, it’s almost impossible…unless you’re a dog.

Step 1

Smile and make famous “goaty” eyes.


Step 2

Look innocent as you draw dad’s attention to the holes you dug earlier.

Step 3

Take a break while Mikey does shovel work to cover up the holes you and Lady dug earlier.  Tell human jokes if he’s extra slow today.


Step 4

Look sorry when asked why you keep digging holes under and around the central air unit.  Bark to remind the humans you…

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