Dear Maslow by Estela Caballero

284613_131964590231627_3909998_n (2)

Mandela sang songs

A Mother composed

Bapu quite peaceful alone

The trouble with record

Increases with time

If not you, who testifies

No question it happened

It happened indeed

Friend, you are the missing piece

Inversion, impossible

Few scale high

Past Abraham’s foundations of life

Feed me or beat me

Don’t stop at the threat

Death to me

A legend lives on

Stand tall, testify

To the toughness of nice

The power and strength in a whisper

There etched in stone

Blood, tears and bone

Time takes the shape of a line

When I’m long gone

Listen there for my song

Mixed in with the cry of my people

My life, but a page

Seen locked in a cage

Witness a soul

Not content

To merely exist.


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