The Prodigal One by Life Documented by Estela Caballero


Addiction is beyond tough.

Estela Caballero

Tough love

Life moves on

My tough heart

Heavy heart

All I can do is weep

Tough love

Should I have bended more

Like the proverbial tree

Will you knock on my door


I fear you are in the prison of my dreams

Tough love my son

Doesn’t feel like love my son

Have I lost you

Once again to the streets

Tough love

The cycle son

Is killing you and me

Tough love

Hurts you

Hurts me

I swear that was you

Down the street

Tough love

I look away

It’s not you

I see

Tough love

My son

Is this really what must be

Tough love

Look where it’s got me

Tough love

Heavy heart

And a boy with no place to sleep

Tough love

As hard as I can be

I see your face everywhere

Please wake from

The seemingly…

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