My Name is Bond by Estela Caballero

lion hall

I was on a mission.  Mission accomplished.  I’ve been wanting to see these sea lions for years but it never worked out.  They were hanging out near the Safeway in Astoria, Oregon.  You can hear them long before you spot them.  They would get into a medium loud barking pattern and then something would set one off.  After that it would get loud-loud and no pattern except crazy!  They’d start splashing around and some would get brave and try to get on the same plank as Number 5– he looked like the leader.  He wasn’t sharing his plank at first but then a cute she lion joined him.

He was a little redder shade than these sea lions and it almost looked like he had a bald spot on his head.  He had a big number five on his back that almost looked like someone got the clippers and gave him a cool fade with a number 5 etched in it.  The image of the sea lion in the barber chair was fleeting…the crazy barking threw my crazy guess about how Number 5 became Number 5 off.

When I got home I googled branded sea lions.  There were lots of numbers but nothing about Number 5–  some are branded and have tracking devices.  I’m convinced he is a spy.  After all, sea lions don’t need a passport to travel all over the world and who is going to mess with a big red haired sea lion with a cool fade?  No one.

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