Autism Tales: Brothers


“Someone wants to be just like you.  Don’t let them down.”


Mikey is just a little more than a year older than Gustavo.  They’ve alternated as tallest between the both of them for several years now.  A few days ago, one became even taller than dear old dad.  My husband still denies it and blames it on Mikey’s thick head of hair.

Mikey is on the left.  Gustavo is his little brother and I believe his desire to protect and help him would have been there no matter what.  Because they are so close in age, Mikey doesn’t have memories of a life before his younger brother was around.  He doesn’t remember the times we talked about autism in hushed tones because we didn’t know what it meant or how to respond to people who gave him that look when he was behaving differently.

Yes, some brothers are close.  Mikey turns 18 soon and will be an official adult.  I have a feeling that no matter the age, he will always have the friendship and love of a younger brother he kept close under his wings.

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