Wide awake dreaming by Estela Caballero

This was one of those perfect days.  My husband, my father and I set out on an adventure.  We drove about five hours to reach the Oregon coast.  We spent two days pulling over and exploring amazing places all along the way.

The first day a fine mist and dream like clouds and fog made the scenes look a little spooky, especially as we drove by Mt. St. Helens, a volcano that last erupted May 18, 1980.

More to come on the adventures that took us from the desert to the Pacific coast.  Here are some of my favorite moments.

Astoria unretouched and perfect.
Astoria unretouched and perfect.
a father
My father showing me the treasures he found near Astoria, Oregon.
Astoria, Oregon
a ghost 2
Near Oregon coast. It was like walking in a dream wide awake.
a ghost
There was a Sandhill crane my husband spotted with his eagle eyes as we were driving. We pulled over and missed the shot of the crane but it was still amazing.

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