Lupus & Me: Crickets and Hoppers by Estela Caballero

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We really didn’t go to the doctor as children.  As I became an adult, I avoided doctor’s visits as much as possible.  Partly because of the cost and partly because anything aside from prenatal visits usually didn’t make the top of the list when I had free time.

The signs that I was sick, more than just regular sick, were present even as a child.  I grew up mostly in the country and spent time outside digging in the mud or trying to catch grasshoppers.  I would get terrible leg, joint and bone pains. I was never diagnosed with anything back then but it’s clear now that I had juvenile arthritis, an autoimmune disease.

On the bad days, I would think about those grasshoppers as I lay in bed rubbing my legs together for relief.  I had once heard that crickets made noises when their legs rubbed together.  With a symphony of cricket music…

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