Mexican Food: Nopales are cactus you can eat



Nopales– you may have seen them boiled and sliced in jars in the store aisle or diced with scrambled eggs.  You may have never seen them at all.  If that’s the case, trying them would be worthy of a maybe list.

You can buy them at some stores just like this.  I took this picture in the produce aisle in the store up the street.  At this stage, you still have to give them a good scraping, wash and boil.  They release a sticky substance when you cut them, even after cooked.  It’s ok and all part of the experience of eating nopalitos.


Besides the pads, you can also eat the cactus fruit– some people make juice out of the cactus fruit, just like the one Fred Flinstone drank..The fruit is pictured below.  It turns a beautiful violet color.  Be careful if you decide to try it, it will stain…

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One thought on “Mexican Food: Nopales are cactus you can eat”

  1. I’ve seen these in the store but never knew how to cook them or what to do with them …lol… I will have to take another look at the recipe I’m sure that I would love them…


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