Autism Tales: He gets it from me


Gustavo Gustavo

I am the oldest of five and both of my parents worked.  When Gustavo was born, aside from the experience I had babysitting my brothers, I was the mother of three.

Gustavo would be the last baby born to me and my husband.  It was a hard delivery despite being the shortest.  He was born just three hours after the first labor pain.  He made his arrival several weeks early but he was so healthy we only had to stay a few days over the normal hospital stay.  The pediatrician agreed to let Gustavo come home on the condition she see him several times over the first two weeks in her office.

He had long skinny legs and feet that my husband and I teased each other about.  We both claimed that the feet were an inheritance from the other’s family.  Laying on the bed, with him in between us, we would…

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