Lupus and Me: El hombre y su hija


Lupus and Me:  El hombre y su hija

A picture of me with my dear dad and one of my favorite wigs.  I had more than a month of chemotherapy to treat a severe flare up of lupus under my belt.  It started working and I was becoming my old self.  I ended up losing almost 2 months of memory.  What remained of the occurrences during that time left me wondering if those memories were a bad dream– a nightmare.  My medical file burst that bubble in the first few pages.  I had lupus cerebritis– an autoimmune disease that was attacking my brain.  My brain responded with a red alert–  like other parts of the body, it will become inflamed to fight off infections.

Up to 80% of all people with SLE will report headaches, confusion, fatigue, memory impairment, difficulties expressing their thoughts, and occasional seizures or strokes throughout the course of their disease.  The scary part is…

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