–Breaking News–Evidence is mounting against Fluffles

Thanks to those of you who are helping figure out the mystery of Mr. Fluffles double life. Here is an earlier story showing his dark side…



Evidence is mounting against Fluffles aka The Candy Cane Licker.  His rap sheet is growing longer by the minute.

It had long been suspected that he had something to do with the Queen’s plant turning yellow.  A 5 month long investigation revealed that Fluffles’ owner knew of his misdeeds and was part of the cover up.  Can anyone really own a criminal mastermind like Fluffles?  We asked the same question.  The owner said yes– he has the papers to prove it.  The owner refuses to accept the evidence as legit.  He wants to know why all these pictures just started surfacing now– after 4utu has publicly announced it was refining Photoshop skills.

4utu has reached out to the cast of Bones and CSI for crime scene forensic support.  No word from either yet.

Stay tuned.  We’ll break more news as it’s cracked.

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