All In Time by Estela Caballero

20140809_112808 (2)

It would become clear to her

All in good time

The answer

The secret

Drunk upon wine

Something awoke her

Now in her mind

Was it laying in wait for her

Eyes open

No cries

At the time of her launch

From the heavens

From sky

Take the scene in the future

They’d all question why

Now the departed will answer

All in good time

Don’t ask for answers

Your mind will resist

All that will come of it

Relentless pain and guilt

If by chance it’s revealed to you

After all it was hidden in plain sight

Deep breath

Then I’ll pray for you

A sweet little lie

When this one starts

That other met end

When this one begged

The other with crown upon head

All in time he said

You’re just a girl

Stand back where it’s safe

You see

You might get hurt

All in time

It was painfully clear

She was the strong one

He the sweet little dear

One thought on “All In Time by Estela Caballero”

  1. Reblogged this on 4utu and commented:

    A dark little rhyme– because we all know life happens in the shadows sometimes.
    The trick is learning how to move past it without letting it consume you.


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