The Day We Really Met by Estela Caballero


You said you were leaving and wanted to give me a proper goodbye. I pretended not to be sad. Being gone back then was gone. No Facebook or MySpace. I’ve dated myself and admitted I used MySpace–I’m ok with that. It helps the story.

You brought each of the other ladies at the office a small bouquet of flowers– one for each. I was jealous. Then you left back to your car. Was that really it? Some nice words and flowers for the ladies. Sure you turned red when you told me you were leaving but since I was trying to pretend I didn’t care, I didn’t really see what other messages your face was sending. You have pretty big ears and all I could see was that they were so red they almost looked like those florescent Christmas elves my neighbor left in his yard until March. I was pleased.

The ladies were bragging about their flowers when you came back in. You were holding a small potted plant. The flower hadn’t yet bloomed. It was a perfect circle with a few young leaves.

You came back to the window at the front office. Ears still flaming. You said the plant was for me. You said the flowers you gave to the ladies would die soon and you wanted to make sure I had something to remember you by. You thanked me for helping you find a job. I assured you there was no need to thank me, that was my job. It was a temp agency after all. I took the flowers after you insisted. It was only right I deny the gift a few times. Now my ears were fitting of the flaming elf.

You asked me to dinner. I looked at the ladies. They answered for me. The plant died once and the one in our house is a replacement but it doesn’t matter. It has been a part of our life and story. The rest is history. I love you.

10 thoughts on “The Day We Really Met by Estela Caballero”

  1. Reblogged this on 4utu and commented:

    The reemergence of lawn elves reminded me of this time in our shared history…. although that one neighbor still keeps it in his yard all year around, we’ve moved away but I can go drive by anytime…


  2. Thank you! My husband follows the blog but it’s still new to him– I think he reads it once a month for the check in where I ask him, “Do you even read it?” I think he was ok with the story 🙂

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