Lo Que Soy by Estela Caballero

Lo Que Soy means What I Am…..


Balance Here’s what I know.  Soy India y orgullosa de serlo.  Soy India pata rajada y orgullosa de lo que soy.  I was called many names growing up.  Some I never understood.  To go tell my parents, that would go against the code.  You took it and you threw it back—harder.  I once had a babysitter that used to put boxing gloves on us so we could learn to fight.  Pocha and India pata rajada shouldn’t go together.  Pocha meant I was not Mexican enough and India pata rajada was a reminder to me that I was tied to the land of my father even though I didn’t speak the language.  It meant I was an Indian with cut feet from not wearing shoes—it implied I was a savage.  This Indio was not the Native American I learned about in school. The proud people that fished and hunted in the same…

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