Afraid Of The Dark by Estela Caballero


More than half of the universe is made up of dark energy.  Dark matter inhabits much of the remaining space. Fear takes hold most often because of what we imagine is there– the unknown frightens us more than absence of light.

Black holes–even the name makes you want to stay as far away from it as possible.  The one I’m most familiar with is the one on cartoons or sci-fi movies, you know real scientific like representations from experts like Bugs and Daffy.  The idea is that a black hole is formed when a star dies.  One theory is that somewhere near the opening of the black hole is a point, the point of no return– the event horizon.  Lot’s of strange things are thought to occur at this point– even the possibility that time stops.

There could be a party going on in there for all we know.  Life takes us to all sorts of places.  When you find yourself standing at the edge of the unknown, past the point of no return, sometimes the only way out is to go through it.  Don’t let that darkness engulf you.  Standing there, you may discover what the distant observer could not see.  Hope.

One day I know I will have to leave this place.  One day it will be the last day my soul sleeps in this temporary dwelling.  We made a promise.  We will find each other again.  Meet me by the star–  you know the one.  Reborn, our new eyes will be able to see the mystery once cloaked in darkness.  I won’t be afraid–  our time here has taught me a valuable lesson, the absence of light is a beautiful riddle we will solve together in the next life.

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